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<December 2017>
 Amber  >= 65 m3/sec
 Red/Amber  >= 100 m3/sec
 Red  >= 120 m3/sec
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Rainfall Figures in Oxford
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Friday: Clear Sky, Minimum Temperature: 0°C (32°F)
Minimum Temperature: 0°C (32°F), Wind Direction: North Westerly, Wind Speed: 8mph, Visibility: Very Good, Pressure: 999mb, Humidity: 77%, UV Risk: 1, Pollution: Low, Sunset: 15:54 GMT
Saturday: Sunny Intervals, Maximum Temperature: 4°C (39°F) Minimum Temperature: 2°C (36°F)
Maximum Temperature: 4°C (39°F), Minimum Temperature: 2°C (36°F), Wind Direction: West North Westerly, Wind Speed: 10mph, Visibility: Very Good, Pressure: 1018mb, Humidity: 74%, UV Risk: 1, Pollution: Low, Sunrise: 08:03 GMT, Sunset: 15:54 GMT
Sunday: Light Rain, Maximum Temperature: 8°C (46°F) Minimum Temperature: 4°C (39°F)
Maximum Temperature: 8°C (46°F), Minimum Temperature: 4°C (39°F), Wind Direction: South Westerly, Wind Speed: 8mph, Visibility: Good, Pressure: 1022mb, Humidity: 92%, UV Risk: 1, Pollution: Low, Sunrise: 08:04 GMT, Sunset: 15:54 GMT
  This chart is for guidance only. For current rowing conditions please consult the status indicator on the boat house or the safety officer

According to readings of river flow rate, wind/fog and water temperature taken on Friday, December 15, 2017, the river is currently AMBER, please check the boards before going out as there are other factors which might change the river status. Current club status board:
NB:River conditions are not a measure of your ability to row safely. You must ensure you have the ability to do so in a safe manner. Click here for the Environment Agency’s Thames Conditions site. Please note * below.

Rules relating to water temperature (as reported by EA):
8ºC or less - Amber
5ºC or less - Amber, with further restrictions (see Cold Water Rowing Rules)
3ºC or less - Red/Amber
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Flow m3/s TempoC
>8 if blank
Fog to 400m
Read By 
Flow Rate (see note below)
0-65m3/s 65-99 >99 120-240m3/s
15/12/20176.5577.63.6Gentle AMBER: Flow=77.6;Temp 3.6;Gentle
14/12/20176.5554.23.6Gentle AMBER: Flow=54.2;Temp 3.6;Gentle
13/12/20176.5543.73.6Gentle AMBER: Flow=43.7;Temp 3.6;Gentle
12/12/20176.5552.83.76Gentle AMBER: Flow=52.8;Temp 3.76;Gentle
11/12/20176.5531.54.09Gentle AMBER: Flow=31.5;Temp 4.09;Gentle
10/12/20176.55164.6Gentle AMBER: Flow=16;Temp 4.6;Gentle
09/12/20176.5518.85.18Gentle AMBER: Flow=18.8;Temp 5.18;Gentle
08/12/20176.5514.76Gentle AMBER: Flow=14.7;Temp 6;Gentle
07/12/20176.5512.86.11Gentle AMBER: Flow=12.8;Temp 6.11;Gentle
06/12/20176.5512.45.67Gentle AMBER: Flow=12.4;Temp 5.67;Gentle
05/12/20176.5512.45.49Gentle AMBER: Flow=12.4;Temp 5.49;Gentle
04/12/20176.5512.75.32Gentle AMBER: Flow=12.7;Temp 5.32;Gentle
03/12/20176.55124.94Gentle AMBER: Flow=12;Temp 4.94;Gentle
02/12/20176.5512.84.66Gentle AMBER: Flow=12.8;Temp 4.66;Gentle
01/12/20176.5514.24.73Gentle AMBER: Flow=14.2;Temp 4.73;Gentle
30/11/20176.5516.65.66Gentle AMBER: Flow=16.6;Temp 5.66;Gentle
29/11/20176.55166.31Gentle AMBER: Flow=16;Temp 6.31;Gentle
28/11/20176.5516.16.82Gentle AMBER: Flow=16.1;Temp 6.82;Gentle
27/11/20176.5525.76.85Gentle AMBER: Flow=25.7;Temp 6.85;Gentle
26/11/20176.5529.17.12Gentle AMBER: Flow=29.1;Temp 7.12;Gentle
25/11/20176.5531.27.77Gentle AMBER: Flow=31.2;Temp 7.77;Gentle
24/11/20176.5523.28.57Gentle Flow=23.2;Temp 8.57;Gentle
23/11/20176.5521.39.02Gentle Flow=21.3;Temp 9.02;Gentle
22/11/20176.5516.38.52Gentle Flow=16.3;Temp 8.52;Gentle
21/11/20176.5514.88Gentle Flow=14.8;Temp 8;Gentle
20/11/20176.5513.67.42Gentle AMBER: Flow=13.6;Temp 7.42;Gentle
19/11/20176.5513.57.52Gentle AMBER: Flow=13.5;Temp 7.52;Gentle
18/11/20176.55137.62Gentle AMBER: Flow=13;Temp 7.62;Gentle
17/11/20176.55138.23Gentle Flow=13;Temp 8.23;Gentle
16/11/20176.5515.28.39Gentle Flow=15.2;Temp 8.39;Gentle
*Note: Wind and Temperature measurements are taken manually by members of MRC. Flow is read at Maidenhead Bridge Environment Agency(EA) ultrasonic flow gauge. Please be aware that this data is unvalidated and the EA and MRC are not liable for any damage or injury caused by a member of any club or individual relying on this data.

The flow gauge has the cross-section of the river programmed in to it. It has a device to measure the river level, and to measure the flow it sends a pulse at an angle across the river which then returns to the gauge. In one direction the pulse is impeeded by the flow, in the other it is helped by it, therefore the difference is an accurate measurement of the flow in the river.
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